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Exhibition in Oberhallau

20th / 21st June 2015

Baumann winery
Erich Schwaninger
in Oberhallau
11 - 18

Cultural History of the plow

In Guntmadingen is the largest plow-museum in Switzerland.

In the small village of Guntmadingen in the Region of the Klettgau, about 2 km from the German border, Erich Schwaninger owns a Museum for Ploughs. What started with a find in his farmer father’s attic, and was then continued as a passionate hobby, has become a collection open to the public since the spring of 1992. On three floors of a one-time barn, “Plough Schwaninger” – with a small golden Plough in his ear – shows the most beautiful pieces of his collection.

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Plow - History


The spread of plow types corresponds substantially to the cultural geographical division of Switzerland.


Art from scrap

Blacksmithing and Art from scrap

A little insight into my Blacksmithing and my Art from scrap.

Kunst aus Schrott

Hammer Forge

We also operate a hammer forge

We forge the most diverse products such as knife, Artworks and much more.

Hammerschmiede Guntmadingen

• Erich Schwaninger
• Neuengasse 14
• 8223 Guntmadingen
• fon: +41 (0)79 352 42 65
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