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• Neuengasse 14
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It is my endeavor, a piece of cultural history make accessible to the public.

As the whole is connected with enormous effort and cost, I'm very grateful for any financial support.

Expansion of the collection

I'm also always on the lookout for brochures, documents and photos about old plows
Again, it would be happy if I could expand the collection further.
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The one time farmer, now working as a mechanic servicing milking machines, didn’t find all his artifacts in the region. Buying expeditions took him to southern Germany, to Graubünden and to the French speaking part of Switzerland. He often found the ploughs in desolate condition and the allrounder, wood carver, jodelling artist and alphorn player lovingly restored them all with painstaking attention to detail. By the way, great-grandfather Schwaninger was a ploughsmith.

Alongside pieces from France, Italy and Greece there are also some models from recent times. A speciality is a spinning plough, made by Raussendorff, from the 1960ies.

A lucky coincidence was the possiblity to take over a collection by Dr. Brütsch.The idealistic surgeon, working and living in Winterthur and an avid plough collector, was pleased to be able to hand over his collection to the Museum for Ploughs, where there are now nearly seventy pieces on exhibition.


• Erich Schwaninger
• Neuengasse 14
• 8223 Guntmadingen
• fon: ++41 (0)79 352 42 65
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